Why your health should come first (and you shouldn’t be too inventive about it)

I was suffering form a tooth ache the other day. nothing major, but it wouldn’t go away. Needless to say i wasn’t really able to work properly and wasn’t feeling very fit at all. After postponing it for endless time i finally went to my dentist and he didn’t have very good news. He saw the problem right away: a big cavity that required a root canal treatment was the verdict. Not something anyone wants to hear – these are quite scary news to get.

What scared me even more, was to hear that he didn’t want to treat the root canal problem himself, but preferred to refer me to a well known and highly valued endodontist in london, Dr. Adi moran of simplyroots.

I arrived quite nervous (after postponing the actual call to schedule for as long as my procrastinating self thought was necessary to relax). But the experience was completely painless, and i am so happy i took the time and effort to fix my tooth problem.

A week later and i am completely pain free! What more could anyone wish for. The next phase is to invest in my health further by going back to my pilates finchley classes, which i have written about before. I have been neglecting my health on that front for a while, so its time to start putting the effort back in.