Our pets and a way to save time in our busy days

Today i want to share with you a new service i came across which saved me time, helped me prioritise what i was doing and most importantly set my mind at ease. I have a pet as many people do, and as anyone who has a pet knows, they are often treated like our little children. When are pets are sick or seem off or we just feel like something is not working we get anxious and worried, and are not sure what is the right way to handle the situation.

You want to take your pet to the vet, but you are not sure its worth the hassle and is he really feeling bad?  You are worried about your time and how you are handling things and you just want someone to give you a tip or let you know how bad things are. some advice. You can look for a private vet but these solutions are often quite expensive. and yes, you could book an appointment with  a vet, but you never know when he will be available and this could all be in vain, taking time off your busy schedule.

Here comes this new service i was mentioning: Vets chat on vetschat.com. This service allows you to chat to a certified vet, via audio chat, video chat or text for the very reasonable sum of less than £6.

It means that for a little bit more than a coffee and cake, i got to get an answer to my cat situation, a certified one. Ask all the questions i needed to get answers to, and rest assured that i know if she needs to see a vet as soon as possible or if this is something i can wait out.

A great service and very easy to use – if you have a dog, a cat or any pet and you just want to put your mind at ease from the comfort of your home, this is the way to go about it.

For me having my questions answered, without the need to book an appointment, meant that i had more time to go to my pilates woodside park class,  and explore other things i enjoy. So worth it for £6!

Go to their website to learn more about vetschat, how their service work, the vets they employ or to just ask a vet online.