Looking for invention ideas for kids? Read ahead!

A lot of inventors are looking to join the ranks of product inventions by coming up with a product aimed at children.  Inventions for kids are a very popular area to target, no doubt.

Parents today are looking to get their kids the best and the greatest in any field. It’s a known weakness that we parents want the best for our kids. We might look after our money when it comes to pampering ourselves, but when it comes to buying something for our children we will spend much more easily.

kids inventions

As such the market of products for kids is a great market. And definitely one you would like to target if you are just starting in your inventions ventures.

There is always a place for a new invention for kids. You just need to focus and think about coming up with the right invention ideas for kids.

From food products, to safety aids, to education aids, there is no end to what you can invent that is aimed at kids. One great tip to note if you are coming up with invention ideas developed for children, is that the people who will actually be buying your products are the parents, not the kids!

As such your real customer in many senses is the parents. Think what most appeal to parents when you are inventing your product – is it educating their kids, making them dressed well and seem happy or what other initiative resides in their heart of heart.

A good way to test your idea Is to make a prototype of the product you want to invent, and then test the reactions to it by both parents and children.

There are many examples of products that were invented for kids and made their inventors a lot of money. Interestingly a lot of those products where actually invented by mothers or fathers who came up with their ideas for products to invent for kids by looking at their own needs, or those of their children. Again, note that a lot of the products where invented to help the parents and not the kids!

There is a reason parents do so well inventing products aimed at kids. They know their customers and their challenges really really well! So if you are a parent yourself, you are lucky. All you need to do is focus on your little future customer and think about what would be really helpful for you as a parent to have him use. Than more often than not you will discover this product already exists. This is why it is super important to search for existing product that compete with your invention idea.

Once you have done that though, and didn’t find any competing products, its really time to hone your product idea. Make sure the reason no product exists is that no one has thought on your genius idea beforehand, and not, god forbid that its not such a great idea at all.

If the coast is clear, and there are no competitor to name, and you think your product still has merit than you are good to go. Go and invent and may children enjoy your inventions.