Our pets and a way to save time in our busy days

Today i want to share with you a new service i came across which saved me time, helped me prioritise what i was doing and most importantly set my mind at ease. I have a pet as many people do, and as anyone who has a pet knows, they are often treated like our little children. When are pets are sick or seem off or we just feel like something is not working we get anxious and worried, and are not sure what is the right way to handle the situation.

You want to take your pet to the vet, but you are not sure its worth the hassle and is he really feeling bad?  You are worried about your time and how you are handling things and you just want someone to give you a tip or let you know how bad things are. some advice. You can look for a private vet but these solutions are often quite expensive. and yes, you could book an appointment with  a vet, but you never know when he will be available and this could all be in vain, taking time off your busy schedule.

Here comes this new service i was mentioning: Vets chat on vetschat.com. This service allows you to chat to a certified vet, via audio chat, video chat or text for the very reasonable sum of less than £6.

It means that for a little bit more than a coffee and cake, i got to get an answer to my cat situation, a certified one. Ask all the questions i needed to get answers to, and rest assured that i know if she needs to see a vet as soon as possible or if this is something i can wait out.

A great service and very easy to use – if you have a dog, a cat or any pet and you just want to put your mind at ease from the comfort of your home, this is the way to go about it.

For me having my questions answered, without the need to book an appointment, meant that i had more time to go to my pilates woodside park class,  and explore other things i enjoy. So worth it for £6!

Go to their website to learn more about vetschat, how their service work, the vets they employ or to just ask a vet online.


Root Canal treatments and the importance of seeing an endodontist

I wrote before how much i believe in seeing specialists for specific needs, and how not compromising on who treats your body is important.

I mentioned two practitioners i love, Liron from pilates by liron, who teaches pilates in hampstead garden suburbs and pilates in finchley and a great London endodontist, Dr. Adi Moran of SimplyRoots, a root canal specialist.

This post is about root canals and the importance of seeing specialists since i have recently been treated by Dr Adi Moran and the experience was exceptional. True to his many testimonials, he is a real expert and the experience was painless. It led me to think about other specialists in my life (like Liron who teaches pilates, a non medical practice) and how much of a difference her knowledge and expertise has made in my training and the results i see.

There is so much to be said about the importance of investing in your work and staying at the top of your field. you can really see it in the results that experts create in your life and through their craft and their proficiency.

How can you find those experts you might be interested in? When we are talking about fitness and pilates go to organisations that their name precedes them in their field. For example for pilates htat would be places like stotts pilates.  When it comes to physicians or dentist there are usually professional organisations to look at. For example the British Endodontic sociaty.

You get the general idea. The important point is expertise and working on your craft matter. They are not something to be overlooked, or not worry about. Whatever you do, focus on your expertise. Invest in it. People coming for your services will appreciate it. I can guarantee it. They will feel the difference.

Why your health should come first (and you shouldn’t be too inventive about it)

I was suffering form a tooth ache the other day. nothing major, but it wouldn’t go away. Needless to say i wasn’t really able to work properly and wasn’t feeling very fit at all. After postponing it for endless time i finally went to my dentist and he didn’t have very good news. He saw the problem right away: a big cavity that required a root canal treatment was the verdict. Not something anyone wants to hear – these are quite scary news to get.

What scared me even more, was to hear that he didn’t want to treat the root canal problem himself, but preferred to refer me to a well known and highly valued endodontist in london, Dr. Adi moran of simplyroots.

I arrived quite nervous (after postponing the actual call to schedule for as long as my procrastinating self thought was necessary to relax). But the experience was completely painless, and i am so happy i took the time and effort to fix my tooth problem.

A week later and i am completely pain free! What more could anyone wish for. The next phase is to invest in my health further by going back to my pilates finchley classes, which i have written about before. I have been neglecting my health on that front for a while, so its time to start putting the effort back in.

Train to keep your body and mind in top shape and invent better!

Inventing is a hard work. Whether you are an aspiring inventor or a sophisticated experienced inventor, you know that the work of inventing and coming up with new ideas for inventions is not an easy one.

It takes quite a lot of work, dedication a lot of brain power and serious concentration to work on the inventing side of your business. And it’s even harder to work on your actual business – figuring out how to launch and market your idea. To be really successful doing all of that what you really need is to take care of yourself first. I love Pilates in mill hill.

It’s really important that you are healthy, fit and feel well and able if you want to succeed as an inventor. As the saying goes: an healthy mind in a healthy body. So take the time and invest in making sure you keep fit, you look well and you are healthy.


One of the best ways to make sure you are in good health and taking good care of your body and as a result your mind, is to train at a gym. One of the most effective ways to train is to use a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you train effectively and efficiently. He will make sure your training is done the right way, so that you don’t lose time and money that would have been better invested in your inventing business.

You can always find a good trainer in your area, it is just a matter of meeting with a few and learning about their belief, their education and understanding what they can do for you. Even more important is to see that you click and work well together.

Most personal trainers have their moto or their believes outlined on their websites, so you can read them and make sure they are to your liking and a good fit with what you are looking to do.

Here is a great example, this maida vale personal trainer in London, UK has his moto and his training belief system outlined on his website. He believes in smart personal training – if that’s a good fit with what you are looking for than this could be a great choice for you.

Different personal trainers would be of different fit to different inventors.  If you are looking a personal trainer in maida vale though, and the moto resonates with you, this could be a great match.

A good way to know if the trainer is qualified is to check at the local UK register for personal trainers. It’s a step worth doing.

Not every inventor is into personal training, many might find themselves more into pilates classes in finchley north london. some prefer group pilates classes and others are into private pilates classes north london.

So go train, work and invent! The more you work the better and sooner you will see results and the better you will feel.  It is definitely worth the work.

Details about Invention development, Marketing, Grants and Funding

You might have a great idea for an invention, but if you don’t have the funding that you need, that’s all it will be: a great idea. Funding is not all you will need to think about – there is product development, marketing, understanding your customers. But definitely if you want your product ideas to be engines of income like  some of the most well know inventions like the invention of football or of coca- cola, If you want your idea to see the light of day then you’ll have to secure funding so that you can develop your idea into something more than just a flight of fancy.

Following your comprehensive consumer research and the development of your idea, your next port of call is to arrange funding for the next stages. You might not know it, but there are people that can help. Even before you look into actual funding, look for some invention help with your prototype or other market research.

Are you aware that there are federal agencies and institutions that offer inventor grants to people with ideas that can benefit their operations? So have a look at the grant clearing house of the American government for more information.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a superb starting point. Not only can they support you in finding out the information you need with regards to the funding of your idea, but they can also give you support and guidance when it comes to overall business strategy.

There are funding opportunities available for younger people who may feel that their lack of experience or qualifications are holding them back. It’s such a shame to think that the innovative and forward-thinking ideas of a generation aren’t coming to light, just because of their age. If you feel that this applies to you, you should investigate what your local government offers in the way of student funding.

If government grants or student funding aren’t an option for you, you should consider looking at funding from private institutions or organisations, such as banks. Although firms of this kind do have the money available to fund you, you would be wise to take any offer under advisement, as these deals are known to be riskier.

Opportunities such as these are usually high-risk because they are seldom offered without any strings. It’s commonplace for private firms to ask for a stake in your business, and while this may bolster your development, you might be sacrificing vital control and ownership of your idea. It’s wise to take any sort of offer from a private firm under advisement.

Private financing can also be costly for someone who is inventing something for the first time. As the grants aren’t backed by the government, the rates of interest that are charged tend to be significantly higher. Even though this route can be riskier, it is often the only source of funding for a lot of people.

It will definitely help to share your idea with like-minded people. If others can see the wonder in your idea it might inspire them to help you financially. Make sure to possess a business plan prepared so you can influence interested folk at any time.

How to become an inventor that knows what he is doing

he modern world rests on innovators. Without their inventions the future might be much more difficult. Sometimes their lucid thoughts have resulted in the creation of inventions that changed the modern world. Just remember that electricity, telephones and cellphones have all opened a new chapter of civilization. Behind them are people – scientists – who are visionaries whose little gray cells created something that the entire world has accepted. Alternatively, sometimes these inventions aren’t very well known, even though they still bring improvement to quality of life.

Have you ever looked at items around your place of work, or where you live, and wondered how they came into existence? Who invented them? Who had that very first idea, and how long did it take to transform into something real? The fact is that coming up with the next invention involves more than merely having a smart idea.

Even after jumping through development hoops, you might still have to wait a long time before seeing any profits. A good way to avoid disappointment is to start by getting all the invention help you can get your hands on.

So if you have an idea for an invention you’ll need to consider this. Don’t let this put you off though, if your idea is good you ought to share it with the entire world and do everything you can to bring it to life.

Your invention may not be a success straight away. In fact, your invention may not be a success at all, but if you make a concerted effort from the outset you’ll meet the best kinds of people and discover the best kinds of skills to aid your future as an inventor.

So what’s the key to inventing something new? The answer is hard work. You can’t become successful from a good idea alone, you’ll have to prove to the entire world that they need your new creation through a great deal of research, testing and promotion.

keep investing in your invention ideas, and you will reap the rewards. look at some of these great examples of science inventions  and get inspired. you don’t necessarily need to be the next 21st century invention creator. Just come up with your next idea and go for it!

Looking for invention ideas for kids? Read ahead!

A lot of inventors are looking to join the ranks of product inventions by coming up with a product aimed at children.  Inventions for kids are a very popular area to target, no doubt.

Parents today are looking to get their kids the best and the greatest in any field. It’s a known weakness that we parents want the best for our kids. We might look after our money when it comes to pampering ourselves, but when it comes to buying something for our children we will spend much more easily.

kids inventions

As such the market of products for kids is a great market. And definitely one you would like to target if you are just starting in your inventions ventures.

There is always a place for a new invention for kids. You just need to focus and think about coming up with the right invention ideas for kids.

From food products, to safety aids, to education aids, there is no end to what you can invent that is aimed at kids. One great tip to note if you are coming up with invention ideas developed for children, is that the people who will actually be buying your products are the parents, not the kids!

As such your real customer in many senses is the parents. Think what most appeal to parents when you are inventing your product – is it educating their kids, making them dressed well and seem happy or what other initiative resides in their heart of heart.

A good way to test your idea Is to make a prototype of the product you want to invent, and then test the reactions to it by both parents and children.

There are many examples of products that were invented for kids and made their inventors a lot of money. Interestingly a lot of those products where actually invented by mothers or fathers who came up with their ideas for products to invent for kids by looking at their own needs, or those of their children. Again, note that a lot of the products where invented to help the parents and not the kids!

There is a reason parents do so well inventing products aimed at kids. They know their customers and their challenges really really well! So if you are a parent yourself, you are lucky. All you need to do is focus on your little future customer and think about what would be really helpful for you as a parent to have him use. Than more often than not you will discover this product already exists. This is why it is super important to search for existing product that compete with your invention idea.

Once you have done that though, and didn’t find any competing products, its really time to hone your product idea. Make sure the reason no product exists is that no one has thought on your genius idea beforehand, and not, god forbid that its not such a great idea at all.

If the coast is clear, and there are no competitor to name, and you think your product still has merit than you are good to go. Go and invent and may children enjoy your inventions.

What to do with your invention idea

In today’s devising climate, no issue is more hotly-debated than how to guard your idea and significant. There are strategies for maintaining things under wraps, and many, many urban myths that are competing, tricks. This being the situation, it can be tough understand the best way to proceed and to distinguish fact from fiction. Fortunately, square, good sense suggestions about the matter does exist and may be easily adopted! In this article, we are going to analyze how you can secure your idea from two standpoints.
Protecting your thought with patents
Protecting your idea in dialogue.
It pays to maintain the know in these two regions, not merely one. Don’t make the mistake (as so several do) of utilizing a “poor man’s patent” then supposing you’ll be able to run your mouth to everybody else and his mom about your thought. On the other hand, real patents will not be 100% fail-safe, either. If your big opponent gets wind they simply tempt one to sue them and may still create it. They will have the resources; you likely don’t. Nevertheless, neither of the common challenges have to befall you. We’ll begin with the best way to preserve your notion with intellectual property, and then segue into protecting it in casual conversation.

Protecting Your Thought With Patents

inventions and innovations

Before we begin, we must eliminate an extremely naive and prevalent fantasy. Of all the misbegotten notions flying near about patents, that is definitely the most extensive.

Recently, there has been improved fixation on “shielding notions” by way of intellectual property law. Patents in particular have already been viewed of accomplishing this as the highest form. The truth is, ideas as such cannot be shielded by intellectual property law. At least, not in the sense of retaining somebody else from capitalizing on the. What you could do is submit your invention idea to be checked as a relevant alternative.

This might come as a shock to would-be inventors who are comfortable with these TV ads guaranteeing the capacity to patent a concept. The reality is, that is officially incorrect and actually, hopeless. For this reason invention submission companies who get this promise cannot assist you. They are just in the business of collecting charges from individuals who believe that they can.

Still, it is not all bleak. The fact remains that inventions, maybe not ideas are protected by patents. Alternatively, what you should do if you need safety of your intellectual house is generate something based on your notion.

This is exactly what distinguishes a creation and an idea. It’s some thing physical, introduced as an expression of a concept in to living. It is the only thing that patents or intellectual property legislation generally can protect for you.

The reason behind that is simple. Think about it; if somebody can merely dream a concept up and lay on it, who might this punish and who wouldn’t it reward? Creators might be forced give their cash to people whose participation with an idea began and ended with considering of it and to postpone their advancement. Innovation, under such a plan, couldn’t flourish over the long haul.

Instead, lawful protection is extended by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to only those who make a move with their ideas.

What does this mean for you personally, the developer? It suggests that when you want patent protection, you are required to produce a proof of concept, or an image, of your idea to include in your obvious program.

There’s NO such thing as a “poor-man’s patent.”

It’s at this recognition of the work that lie ahead that some inventors jump to an easier-sounding alternative: the much-mythologized “poor man’s patent.” This really is yet another dangerous intellectual property fantasy that still retains appeal to laymen, hence let’s debunk it before going any further.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. “Hey man! Turns out we can bypass waiting and all that paperwork and tremendous cost! My buddy told me all laymen gotta do is mail a bunch of notes and sketches to ourselves and if anyone tries to rip our notion, we merely bring the post to tribunal!”

This is referred to as the “poor-man’s patent” and it to put it bluntly, it is not. All of this does is prove that you had the idea at a particular date, and even that is only able to be be shown if there’s a national postmark on the envelope (which doesn’t always happen) and the envelope is not open. With regard to protecting your notion, it’s entirely unworthy.

Therefore if mailing your self work is not documentation that is adequate, what is? The response is some thing. There is a logbook basically an inventor’s diary. It’s the point where the developer and each measure keeps track of his progress and date. A logbook demonstrates that you came up with your idea at a date that is specific and exhibited research in pursuing it. However, there are a few definite standards you should adhere to when keeping a logbook. This can assist make certain your documentation looks valid to patent investigators.

Your logbook should be started by you after an idea is thought of by you. Inside it, you would like to create down comprehensive records of essential theories, evaluation results, and anything else relating to your idea’s development. Additionally, usually do not keep your logbook in a loose leaf document. Alternatively, go for a bound notebook. The US Patent and Trade Mark Office trust these since they make it rather difficult to conceal the truth that pages were added or removed.

So, to conclude: you cannot patent an idea, however, you are able to patent something you create from it. And much from purely sending yourself a couple of documents, you should maintain considerable, comprehensive logs of all your progress. That is exactly what you should begin doing right away if you’d like keep your idea out of the wrong hands and to protect It from adversaries. Once you have completed this, you are able to apply for a provisional patent application with all of your ducks in a line.

Today you have availed yourself of a fact-based view of protecting ideas through patents, it’s time for you to analyze notion protection’s other critical facet: dialogues with the others.


Three Tricks on Inventions You Can Utilize Right Now

Obtaining innovation financing that is appropriate and sufficient might function as depend to several an inventor’s strategies. A creator can, pretty much, readily produce an idea. The may also do every thing, study shrewd, to locate market for this, in addition to an obvious for this. But the issue remains, who’ll spend these expenses for all? This scenario that is straightforward describes the significance of innovation backing. In the end, the unhappy truth is that money will not grow on nearly everything and trees wants capital.

A standard issue from several discoverers, in-line with this theme, is that this- “Are government awards for inventions the only real way to get innovation backing?”. We would like to consider a shot to reply this query on government awards for creations. Here, you will learn more, maybe not basic creation capital, although simply on government awards for creations also.

1. For creators that are younger, there are additionally pupil plans accessible. These pupil applications virtually operate like government awards for creations. Financing can be provided by them for pupils who are either in college, high-school or elementary-school. We suppose because sensibly, pupils might not have the ability to take on more seasoned brains if they’re going after identical awards pupil plans were developed. Through pupil plans, pupils are fairly guaranteed there is some cash left because of their inventions.

academic inventions funding

2. If government awards for innovations are unavailable to some discoverers, there’s always the alternative of seeking business awards. Yes, you can find lots of businesses that reward discoverers with awards that are distinct. Government awards are worked simply like by Business awards. A developer must use for this, which is to be anticipated that numerous individuals who will finally determine if the developer may be given the business offer will reviews his function. Discoverers should be informed there are also those which are fallacious, while you can find several business awards which can be valid. It’s the inventor’s duty to investigation if the corporation, in addition to the offer they are trying to get, is the real thing.

3. Inventions is not alone, while government awards for innovations are one method to finance it. Nonetheless, obtaining a government grant is one of the more accessible sources for discoverers to finance their creation ideas. All discoverers searching for awards ( in the USA) should have a look at the web site, http://grants.gov. Here, one may find a complete listings of awards that are distinct every developer may use also. Our guidance is that you simply apply to get a grant which is connected to your creation. As an example, if you have devised something connected to wellness, of getting a government grant your very best guess, is via one given by the National Institute of Wellness.

Whether a government offer is being applied for by a developer, a pupil plan, or a business offer, more or less the identical conditions will apply. A creator will need what precisely a very detailed account of his invention might do, and to reveal it. We support inventors on the market, notably these in the innovation, and model development period to seek out designers which will aid them produce suitable 2D, 3D renderings, paintings and pictures which will actually be beneficial in demos and model producing, and finally assist them get the offer that they have been desiring.